Make smarter advertising decisions with meaningful analytics.

Callbox provides the tracking numbers, forwarding logistics and reporting that you need to get calls to the right place and optimize your budget.

All of our plans include these great features

  • Recordings Listen to calls to train staff, evaluate leads, and capture customer detail. Audio files can be emailed immediately after calls so you can listen to calls from the road.

  • Whispers Play custom whispers to your callers announcing call recording or providing menu keypress options. Play whispers to your receiving party announcing source of call, call recording etc.

  • Real-time Reporting Know who is calling and how they found you the second the phone rings. Immediately see trends in call volume by advertising channel and sales peformance by rep.

  • Unlimited Users Add your staff and your clients using a variety of different role types. Use an agency package to create sub-accounts for each client so that they can view just their data.

  • Dynamic Number Swapping Insert tracking numbers on your website dynamically based on where the visitor came from. Choose from a variety of pre-programmed advertising sources so that insertion happens automatically.

  • Track online or offline advertising Place numbers in print, TV, radio ads or have numbers dynamically appear on your website based on where the visitor came from.

Instantly activated tracking numbers in 30 countries

  • Local and Toll Free Numbers Available
  • Buy as many or as few as you need -- no minimums.
  • Port numbers from other carriers
  • Use advance routing options like IVR menus, georouting, and call schedules.

Powerful analytics instantly available for calls

Mark calls as closed with rep name and sale amount

See the advertising source and keywords that generated the call

Perfect for Agencies and Resellers

Quickly listen to recorded calls

Know who is calling, their location and their phone number

Pulling it all together

  • Sync call leads with HubSpot's inbound marketing software so you can get a holistic view of your performance.
  • See your call tracking data directly in Google Analytics. Calls (and all of their details) show up in “Events” in Google Analytics and conversions show up in Adwords.
  • Sync calls with Salesforce so that calls are sent as leads and activities are added with caller contact information, advertising source and call recordings.
  • Use our WordPress Plugin to quickly set up tracking script on your WordPress built website.

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