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    • numbers start at 35NIS per month
    • calls start at 0.30NIS
    • Email and Phone
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  • Platinum



    • numbers start at 30NIS per month
    • calls start at 0.20NIS
    • 24/7 Phone and Email
    • 30NIS / Sub Account
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All of our plans include these great features

  • Recordings Listen to calls to train staff, evaluate leads, and capture customer detail. Audio files can be emailed immediately after calls so you can listen to calls from the road.

  • Whispers Play custom whispers to your callers announcing call recording or providing menu keypress options. Play whispers to your receiving party announcing source of call, call recording etc.

  • Real-time Reporting Know who is calling and how they found you the second the phone rings. Immediately see trends in call volume by advertising channel and sales peformance by rep.

  • Unlimited Users Add your staff and your clients using a variety of different role types. Use an agency package to create sub-accounts for each client so that they can view just their data.

  • Dynamic Number Swapping Insert tracking numbers on your website dynamically based on where the visitor came from. Choose from a variety of pre-programmed advertising sources so that insertion happens automatically.

  • Track online or offline advertising Place numbers in print, TV, radio ads or have numbers dynamically appear on your website based on where the visitor came from.

Cost and PricingGoldPlatinum
Monthly Subscription120NIS/mo320NIS/mo
Monthly price per number40NIS Per Number35NIS Per Number
Per minute charge for calls0.30NIS / local minute0.20NIS / local minute
Charge Per Each Sub Account30NIS / Sub Account
Tracking NumbersGoldPlatinum
Local & Toll Free Numbers
Call Recording (turn on / off)
Track Online or Offline Sources of Calls
Create & Track Custom Sources
Dynamic Number Swaping on Website
Whisper Plays to Caller e.g. This call is being recorded
Source Anouncement Whisper
Schedule Receiving Numbers by Time of Day
IVR Menus
Calls by Source Report
Calls by Day Report
Calls by Time of Day Report
Calls by Map Report
Calls by Keyword Report
Calls by Refferar Report
Calls by Landing Page
Unlimited Custom Reports
Email Reports to Someone
ROI Reporting
PPC Reports (calls by campaign, adgroup)
Customize and IntegrationGoldPlatinum
Add Unlimited Users
Add Users by Account
Google Analytics Integration
Google Adwords Integration
Optimizely Integration
KISSmetrics Integration
Hubspot Integration
Salesforce Integration
API Access
Wordpress Plugin
Click to Call
Agency Logo Displayed on Logged-in Pages
View Reports at Agency Level
Number of Sub-Accounts

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